Hardcore Since ’74

This is something I’ve been meaning to post for a while, a collection of old home movies I had digitised a couple of years ago and then forgot about. Highlights include my parents’ wedding, what I hope was my first beer, and – most surprising – footage of my uncle’s old Austin Cambridge in motion.

Lawrie’s dirty old Cambridge rotted in my grandmother’s driveway for over a decade, and until I got my hands on this footage I think I’d forgotten that rusty piece of shit actually used to be a car. That started. And went places. Fun places. Almost makes me regret that time I [redacted]. Almost.


[vimeo www.vimeo.com/7805320 w=500&h=400]

Twitter = Not a Bunch of Arse After All

I’ve gotten a lot of flack lately for the horrendous lack of blog activity, and I can’t say it’s undeserved. What can I say – I’ve been busy.

A big part of the bloggy silence has been due to some shameless technological infidelity on my part. A while back I decided to give Twitter the benefit of the doubt, and see if I could overcome my initial misgivings. 2,500 tweets later I’ll happily concede that there is more to it than I first thought, but at the same time there are lingering reservations.

As a means of sharing ideas, discoveries, sentiments in real-time, Twitter really is in a class of its own. It’s a great world to be immersed in, and I really can’t see myself kicking the habit anytime soon. My problem isn’t with what Twitter is, does, or doesn’t do. It’s with what I’m not doing. I may be alone in this, but to me Twitter is a shoot-from-the-hip kind of deal. The operative question is ‘what are you doing right now’, not ‘what have you been up to lately’. Streaming my life and thoughts in real-time is fun, but so too is mulling over a whole bunch of ideas, forming a considered opinion, and sharing it with you fine folks.

This isn’t a benevolent thing, on my part at least (although your forbearance with the dick and fart jokes is appreciated). I just get a kick out of thinking about stuff, however trippy, chasing random thoughts down a rabbit hole and hopefully emerging unscathed with something worth sharing. The act of blogging (or rather, the thought process behind it) is really pleasurable. There, I said it. I gets my jollies on the Interwebz.

For someone who actually enjoys writing, Twitter is like junk food and I just haven’t been getting my veg lately. After six months of a Twitter-only diet I feel like a literary Morgan Spurlock. Like I said, I can’t see myself quitting Twitter anytime soon, so my only option then is to get my shit together and start blogging again.

So I’m back. Some of you will be thrilled, and others disgusted. Either way, I’m wearing a big smile right now. Feels good to be back.